Artbit for Education

Taking art education to the 21st century

We offer the experience of the Artbit platform for the purpose of art education

Artbit is bringing art into the 21st century. Interactively educate your students about art, help them recognize, explore and unveil insider insights and offbeat discoveries

Extend your art education outside the classroom. Use Artbit to learn about art in galleries, museums, street art and more.

Their phone is always in their pocket and with Artbit, so is the entire art world.
The educational tool made for the millennial generation

Easy tool for educators to upload content from the curriculum and increase engagement with their students.


Revolutionizing Art Education


Art education shouldn’t be intimidating, boring or difficult. Artbit provides an easy to use gateway that helps spread the education of art in a new, enjoyable and interactive manner.


Making Art Accessible

We are here to provide an essential tool for student education in the art sector, serving as a simple and interactive platform to make art education more engaging. Artbit is the place to get instant knowledge about art you want to learn and further discover.

The education platform is seamlessly intertwined with our general user platform and our users are actively contributing their own works of art to our database. We encourage all students to do the same.

We Are an Innovative Company

Artbit collaborated with the Israeli Ministry of Education to improve student success and increase interaction among the millennial generation

If you’re an administrator, teacher, school institute or part of the education system, we invite you to join the Artbit community – free for a lifetime.

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Are you a student? Install Artbit now to enjoy fun art education!

Emphasize the importance of getting Smart About Art by encouraging your students to contribute their art knowledge to the Artbit community. 
Extend their studying capability beyond the classroom through our social media platforms and advanced technology.