Bring Art into People's Lives

Our Vision


Our Team

A team of leaders from the high-tech community with a passion for art, who are on a mission to connect the mass audience with the art community


Our Mission

We are revolutionizing the art world by becoming the outlet for masses to consume and experience art. Taking the art world into the 21st century while establishing the world’s greatest digital art archive.

Our Passion

We’ve infused our love for art with our addiction to technology to create The Art App – discovering new art experiences and leveraging the power of the crowd.


Ofer Atir

CEO & Chief Dreamer

Ofer Atir, CEO: A leader in Israeli Tech, the former COO of ICQ by AOL and VP R&D of Comverse. After 25 years in tech, Ofer went to study art, leading the way to Artbit. Holds a B.A. in Computer Sciences, an MBA and aB.Ed.F.A. in Education and Fine Art.


Yoram Ben-Zvi

Founder & VP Business Development

Yoram Ben-Zvi, VP BD: Over two decades of entrepreneurial and business development experience from international high-tech companies. Holds a BA in management and an MBA from Essec-Cornell.


Stav Avrahami

VP Marketing

Stav Avrahami, VP Marketing: A serial entrepreneur. Former Founder & CEO of; ‘Uber for workers’ and the former VP Marketing of Domaine du Castel winery, Israel’s leading winery with a world-wide recognition. Holds a BA in Business and an MA in Business law.


Zachi Diner

VP Product

Head of the interactive department at HIT school of design and technology. Former owner of Balora, a UX design studio that was part of the initial positioning of Waze, and led major projects with AT&T, Verizon, HP, Microsoft and more.


Maya Benson

Art Content Team Leader

Maya has worked as a professional photographer and for galleries in the city of Tel Aviv, contributing her passion for art and photography to the Artbit team. Holds a BA in Business Management and Art History from Tel Aviv University and is upon completing her Masters of Arts in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University.


Gideon Smilansky

Head of the art Community

Gidi is a leader in the art community and Co-founded Alfred Gallery – a collaborative institute of arts and culture. He’s also a painter, art teacher & social entrepreneur.


Mor Becker

Operations Manager


Yonatan Ido

Marketing Operations Manager


Mark Pesahovich

Head of R&D


Jonathan Yousfan

Marketing Assitant


Rya Gershcovich

Content Marketing Manager


Inna Shtuckmeyster

UX and Visual designer

We’d love to work with you!

Using state-of-the-art technology we are bursting with inspiration and ingenuity, striving to make a difference.

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