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Navigate and discover museums, galleries, street art and any artwork in the public domain.

Discover current exhibition openings and art events nearby.
If we aren’t in your region or the art around you isn’t recognized, you can contribute! Become part of Artbit’s living, thriving and rapidly growing community.

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The Art App

Your outlet to explore known and emerging art with advanced vision recognition technology. Connecting the physical and digital art world and enhancing your interaction with art.

Snap to recognize the artwork and artist. Experience insider insights and offbeat discoveries from artists and enthusiasts wherever art is.

Love a piece that wasn’t recognized? Simply add it to Artbit’s living, breathing archive and we will recognize it for you.
Join the community & get smart about art. It’s that simple.

Go beyond the traditional art scene and navigate your artistic journey. Discover street art, art events, artist studios and much more!

Create your own evolving catalog of favorite captured artworks.
Include personal notes and contact the artist or gallery in a click.
Get social! Become a leader in the art community and enjoy social art interactions. Contribute and share artworks you’ve recognized with friends and art enthusiasts.
Explore current exhibitions and art events around the world.
Enhance your organic experience with a world of digital endeavors.

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We are a group of talented leaders stemming from the high-tech industry with a true passion for the art world and a vision of bringing art into your life.